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II. ARCENIC pages 17-19

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II. ARCENIC pages 17-19
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Author Notes:

JillyFoo 10th Apr 2021, 3:53 AM edit delete
HEARTS GAINED: The start of chapter two. I have high hopes for this chapter. I think the black and white with shading looks good.

POISON RESISTED: There are two directions you can write a game fanfiction. You can write it like you are in a digital game world(with pop up windows, level ups, die and respawns, real life players etc) or you can write it like the characters are flesh and blood and behave like living creatures (born in that world, get hungry, get tired, need to wash, etc..) yet often still in a fantasy/sci-fi world. I decided to lean towards writing the characters as living creatures(it is debatable if the children in the game lore canon are flesh creatures or something else...) Anyway that's my compass with the writing.

THANK YOU: I am thankful that my job hasn't been too overwhelming lately so I can draw comics after I get home from work. Also just having a job still with this pandemic and all.

This story is a fanzine/doujin of a game called Sky. Many things have been changed and that's okay.
PLAY SKY: https://thatskygame.com/